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For businesses that rely on having multiple vehicles on the road at any one time, not only is fleet management a critical function, it is also complex and time-consuming. When control is lost, even temporarily, operational plans can be compromised and costs needlessly inflated.

Kee Tracking utilises the innovative, real-time vehicle tracking technologies developed by Quartix. Using a combination of GPS, data automation and an intuitive interface, Kee Tracking customers can manage day-to-day operations and gain crucial insights in a way that is transformative for fleet managers and the business as a whole.


See your business’ vehicles and drivers in real time using any internet-connected device. Access all vehicle and driver information, timesheets, and daily route maps. Adjust level of detail to suit specific needs. For example, stops with ignition on and short movements around a site can either be shown or filtered out. Via a mobile app, view real-time location of vehicles from anywhere, and access driver route maps and driver behaviour.


Receive alerts in real-time if vehicles stray either in or out of designated areas at defined times. Easily mark out on map as many designated zones as you need with a simple drawing tool. Establish different rules for each zone meaning drivers must either stay within or keep out of designated boundaries.

Intelligent management tools

Choose how to view your fleet’s activities using real-time dashboards with elements and targets that can be tailored to specific needs. Comprehensive vehicle management allowing for the monitoring of insurance renewals, services, vehicle utilisation, monthly mileage, speed, and route analysis reports.


Compare driver behaviour scores across your entire fleet with an easy to interpret traffic light ranking system. Issue daily driver briefings to improve driving styles and use data to show parts of their journey where they “lost” driver points and learn from experience. Grant drivers access to their own driving style reports via a free Mobile app, so they can monitor their own scores and performance at the end of each day.